Descending DampĀ 

This can be associated with broken, missing or slipped tiles, leaking parapets, leaking showers, leaking balconies or poorly waterproofed windowsills or tops of walls. Descending damp usually appears as bubbling paint or damp stains to ceilings and walls

Causes of Descending DampĀ 

  1. Patio where the water pools, grouting is not waterproof or any cracks allow descending damp to enter the exterior walls.
  2. All things roof from tiles to down pipes can cause descending damp.
  3. Tops of unsealed parapet walls.
  4. All things chimney.
  5. Any addition added on the existing building.

Dampfinda Do’s & Dont’s


  • Remove contaminated plaster to plus minus 200mm above the damp to dry brick.
  • Inject a new dpc and waterproof below/above the new dpc.
  • Waterproof both sides of the wall where possible, and re-plaster with a waterproofing plaster.
  • Find and Repair the source of moisture ingress.


  • Scrape and paint
  • Apply a waterproofing product on the wall to the height of the damp, as the damp will rise above the waterproofing and create a bigger problem.
  • Do only one side of the wall.

Other Types of Damp

Rising Damp

Lateral Damp

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